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Re: [APD] BBA, O2 and CO2.

> Tom, thanks so much for responding, this has been very
> enlightening!  

Heck I forget to take my own advice sometimes too:)
> Yep, I still have a little BBA.   I hold it at bay with the
> Excel (this stuff is awesome in my daughter's no tech/no CO2
> tank).  I'll buy the CO2 argument though, my probe has been
> drifting and I would be willing to bet it is low.  After the
> debacle awhile back and losing several of my beloved discus,
> zebra pleco and a bunch of cardinals, I got a bit skittish and
> stingy with CO2.

Understandable, but this time do not make the same mistake
twice. Add O2 as well and get the tank some O2 through surface

So what if you lose a little CO2? You can add more.
Zebra plecos?
Cost more than the CO2 system, you can buy an O2 gas tank system
for that.
  I had been dosing heavy with Equilibrium/AB
> and the CO2 was pouring in.  Unfortunately, the O2 was not. 
> Things went very badly.  The problem was the O2 but I held the
> CO2 responsible...  

Many do.
Very common issue and nmot immediately obvious.
Make sure you tell others that have similar issues.
> > Haven't checked in awhile but my KH and GH stay around 3-4
> due 
> > to soft water.

Always check those if somethign goes squirrley.
> I use Flourish, I would have to look to see how much MgSo4 is
> in it.  MgSO4.  Can I use epsom salt for this? 

Yep, makes things ........err move:)

 I think that
> is what it is.  I just received my stuff from Greg Watson and
> didn't think to order it.
> The new pH probe should arrive this week.  It never dawned on
> me that the slow growers would be that affected by CO2. 

They are quite good at letting us know, they get outcompeted
easily for CO2 compared to agressive weeds like Myriophyllums,
Hygros etc, most of the blackening in Java ferns that many think
is unexplained, low CO2.
Many add more CO2 and think they have enough, but they claim
they still have algae etc, generally that's not the case.
At least not with the species that we have in our tanks.

> always assumed it was from battling the "pig" plants for the
> fertilizer.  Guess I missed the forest for the trees!

That is one way to look at it.
> I need to clarify,  are you saying use 1 tsp total or subtract
> 1 tsp from what I add now?

One from now on, you do not need that much, although adding more
of the Gh will not hurt.
> "Add at least this much 3x a week "
> Sorry, I am rather dense today, are you saying add 30 mL of
> Flourish 3x a week or just break it up into three 10mL doses? 

Nope, these same dosages, 3x a week.
You are not adding enough from the looks of it.

> Same question on the Potassium, Iron, Nitrogen.  Multiply my
> amounts by 3 or break it up and stay at the same total?  With
> the dry chemicals you recommeded 45 mL Flourish.  Would it be
> a different amount using the liquids versus the dry chemicals?

Well dry ferts are much cheaper.
But yes to adding these 3x a week, no wonder the plants and CO2
are not driving the growth fast and you get low O2.

When plants don't grow well, they rot(which takes up a lot of
O2) or sit and take up O2.
> I received a big box from Greg day before yesterday containing
> KNO3 and KH2PO4.  I also got  a cool measuring beaker with mL
> increments that should come in handy.

Well, Greg is a crafty feller.
Good deal and this should last a very long time.
Did you get the GH booster?
It's the same thing as the SeaChem EQ, but different %%%'s, more
Mg I think, Greg took some info data I gave him amnd went off
and made some GH booster, so I'm not that certain, but you can
ask Greg also.
> I have the dry chemicals to try but I also have a fresh batch
> of liquids that I bought several weeks ago so I am up to my
> ears in both liquid and dry chemicals right now.  

Well you can play and see.
> I thank you and my slow growing plants thank you!
> Daphne 

Yep, they do get neglected too:)

Tom Barr

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