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[APD] Macrandra Dilemmas

Not sure if Jeff is still collecting this info, but i would be very
interested in finding out what is up
with this plant//help out.**

I used to grow R. macrandra, but recently it has not been doing well
in the new water i have. I suspect
i am not reconstituting the water properly with minerals. My old water
was well water and had all the
Gh/Kh (and probably some of the traces) the plants needed. The new
water reads 0 across the board (before

When i could grow macrandra, i used to grow it in:
What are your tank conditions:
Lighting - 4wpg
Temp - 80-82F
pH - ~7
KH - 5
Ca (ppm)- 80ppm
Mg (ppm)- 20ppm ( not sure 100% about mg)
GH - ~18 degrees total (this is for sure)
Cl (ppm)- ?
Fe (ppm)- ? dosed traces once a week (but the well water used to leave
rust stains everywhere, so i suspect high)
additives/frequency (PMDD, KNO3, CaCl, CaSO4, etc...)? dosed once a
week with po4/no3/traces, did not dose kh or gh
Substrate/additives/cables... substrate was fluorite, and i did not
have cables/other additives.

In the new water it grows, but it is green and looks unhealthy when
viewed from the top. I think the traces/Gh
are very important for this plant though i am not sure which one. It
makes sense since it is easily grown in soil
and in my old hard water. I miss my old water :(


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It seems as though there are many people who wish to grow this plant. A few
have asked recently with little reply (and yes, the PsW thing is
important...but let's remember to answer the plant questions too).

Mountains of CO2, Light and Macro/micro nutrients are not cutting it for
most of us. And yet many are successful.

Since I too am having difficulty in growing this plant, and the only success
I see in the archives/Krib seem to be Karen who uses pots to get it to grow,
and a few people who get lucky waving the chicken over the pot, I would like
to gather data from all attempts and correlate it into a Table (and give to
the Krib, or someone) to show what has worked and what hasn't. So, if you
are good at growing *Macrandra*, or if you kill it every time (for me the stem
rots from the base, up) please take a moment to send to me (or the list)
answers to the following questions:

How long have you  grown *Macrandra* successfully?
Before you were successful, were you unsuccessful (and what changed that)?

What are your tank conditions:
Lighting -
Temp -
pH -
KH -
Ca (ppm)-
Mg (ppm)-
Cl (ppm)-
Fe (ppm)-
additives/frequency (PMDD, KNO3, CaCl, CaSO4, etc...)?

Anything else you can think of...

I'll correlate and table and look for a web-page volunteer.

- Jeff
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