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[APD] Lighting question

Hi Again, 

So I'm in the market to upgrade my lighting. For a few
years now I've limped by on my 20L w/a hideous Eclipse
top. I've got a 37 I'm going to replace the tank with,
and a new canister filter to replace that
revolutionary bio wheel technology. :) 

First, let me say that I am about as DIY as a
Lunchables, not because of financial affluence but
because of my utter lack of aptitude in that arena. So
I'm looking at the Coralife PCF 6700K dealies, and I'm
trying to decide between the single and double-tube
fixtures (65W or 130W, respectively). I think the
double might be overkill, because I am not really
interested in going CO2 (tried DIY-- I never remember
to replace the ingredients on time) due to the high
level of maintenance and pruning they require. But I
wondered if 65W on a 37G (22" high) grow the
medium-light plants I'm looking to keep happy
(not-leggy rotala, C. calamistratum if it survives
orange funk). I also wondered if I need to use the
mounting legs for the heat they'll produce (my
cichlids like it 79F, and if that will impact the
plants negatively. Suggestions? Better ideas? I'm all

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