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Re: [APD] Substrates and Dosing

Nice clarification. Fish food/poop is certainly a form of adding nutrients to the water column, whether overfeeding or not. However, perhaps few would think of it as dosing. Still, certainly is of form of that too. And with fishless tanks, it's rather more obviously so.

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>>As for needing to add ferts on an ongoing basis, I think Diana Walstad has
pretty good information that a soil underlayment tank can do well without
added ferts . . . >>

Ms. Walstad's approach relies on heavy feeding of a large number of fish to
provide the nutrients after those in the substrate are depleted.  If one
doesn't feed enough or if the plants aren't pruned enough, nutrient
deficiencies develop and dosing is required, although not nearly as much as
is required in high light tanks.

Perhaps overfeeding the fish is another form of dosing?
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