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Re: [APD] Don't missunderstand me too quickly because I make no sense

On 7/31/06, Aqua Botanic <aquabotanic at qwest_net> wrote:
> You think it is somehow safer for a newbie to use a bottle of Seachem, or
> perhaps it is better for a newbie to try and figure out EI??????

Safer?  No.  More likely to be successful?  Yes.

As far as figuring out EI, any newbie who posts here usually gets a custom
dosing routine from the man himself or from one of us who uses the system.
There ain't a lot to figure out.  Add a spoon of this and a spoon of that
every other day.  Add a teaspoon from a bottle on the off days.  Change half
the water once a week.  I don't think you can come up with a tank size and
light combination that someone hasn't already figured out dosing for.  If
cost isn't an issue -- and I have set up tanks for several people for whom
it isn't an issue -- then Seachem is brain dead simple once you have a
monthly dosing chart in your hands.

Having been all over the forums and set up a tank based on the advice
gleaned there and from books, I posted here when I had real problems as a
newbie.  I still have the email that Tom sent me off list -- it was about a
page long, containing clear instructions on what to do and why.  Within 2
weeks I had plants that were growing well and within 6 weeks that were
flourishing.  I also got straightforward advice from many others including

I don't have anything against tabs but they are not necessary unless you
have a memory like mine.  In that case using tabs can make for a higher
margin of error if you forget to dose for a "few" days. :)

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