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Re: [APD] Calcium Carbonate question

I believe S. Hieber wrote this email section below:
> With the high KH and pH that high, perhpas that might slow down the rate
> at which the CaCO3 will dissolve, but I would expect it to still
 > dissolve so long as the pH is below about 10.

> does the pH or KH change at all whenyou add the CaCO3?

No it hasn't.

KH is reading around 20d and ph is around 7.8 (probably because I added
sodium bicarbonate last week).
Water temperature is around 29C. Its warm atm!

GH is still zero 24 hours later.

Maybe I didn't add enough.
Even the smallest amount makes the water go a white as snow.
I'm worried the fish in it might suffer.

Stuart Halliday
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