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Re: [APD] grow-lux google search----and ramblings

I did a quick google search and found that sylvania still markets what
they call grow-lux---i do not use these bulbs as my plants are mostly
terrarium with a few plants in water holes i call lakes--------my water
plants do well in full spectrum lights supplemented with a high UV bulb
as well---but my concern is day geckos not fish or plants---as long as
the plants grow and help the eco system in the container---i find a
natural eco system with natural soil fauna minus the harmful nematodes
works best-----also these natural  inhabitants provide a food source---i
know you may not want to have this info-----but i want to start a
combination hobby of an aquarium and tropical forest
combination------with the lights for the aquarium hid inside the
overhanging cliff-----thus my interest in your information-------i dream
of finding a very very small water lilly that will bloom in my set
up----any ideas?????????

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