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Re: [APD] Calcium Nitrate

> You can make CaCO3 dissolve really quickly by mixing it in a 
> container with soda water. Make sure it's only carbonated and 
> nothing else. It will dissolve fairly rapidly. If you're 
> worried about the pH or CO2 shock of adding the mixture to 
> the tank you can let it air out over night first.
> -- 
> Jerry Baker

I ended up going to the local wine and beer making shop on my lunch hour
and got some Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum) instead.  Dissolves much quicker
than the CaCO3 ever did.

Thanks for the tip about the soda water!  The calcium sulphate was
actually half the cost of the calcium carbonate anyway, so a double
bonus for me.  $1 for 100grams of gypsum vs. $1 for 50 grams of
precipitated chalk.

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