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[APD] Automatic fish feeder

We're thinking of buying an automatic fish feeder,
wishing to spend less than $25 or so, but will consider
a higher priced one if there's good reason for it.

We want to be able to feed our goldfish while away on
vacation for a few days to keep them from eating plants
for nutrition. They do well with regular feedings as
far as the plants are concerned.

I'd like it to be easily adjustable with as little
fiddling as possible in the setup.

I'm thinking of one like this one:


There are less expensive ones, of course, and I'd like
to hear about your experience with some of those out

Also, if you can recommend somewhere to buy it from I'd
like to check out some other suppliers than the one

We use pellet food (small pellets) so there are some
feeders that won't handle that well.

Thanks in advance.

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