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[APD] Help reuested on System 1 diatom filter

I just got a System 1 diatom filter delivered today. 

I followed the directions for setup. It looks like the
intake screen is now a thing with holes in it instead
of slots, but there doesn't look like there's any other
real differences.

It DOES stir up the water quite a bit, but that was
expected and I can do something about that for the
smaller aquariums and the smaller fish (for the intake
screen). It is not clearing up the water, it is making
it worse.

What I'm wondering about is if the translucent pipe
that installs next to the filter media is supposed to
come out and fall into the jar. It does not fit tight
and continually falls to the bottom of the filter jar.

Is that a problem with these, and is there a workable
fix for it?

I must say that it was easy to set up, but
unfortunately it is not working properly as I think it
is supposed to do.

Thanks in advance.

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   -Albert Einstein

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