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[APD] CO2 systems

What I wish I knew about co2?

I guess the big one was told to me but I didn't
understand:  Get the 
largest co2 tank you can fit!!!

A co2 fill of a 10# tank is often almost the same if
not actually the 
same cost as for a 5 pound tank.  So measure carefully
if you are going 
to place it under your tank and get at least a 10#
tank if you can.

I just setup another 55 gallon and after looking at
the various 
all-in-one regulators, I went with the same setup I
used on my initial 
co2 setup:
    Tap-Rite 742 regulator - from Rapids Wholesale
    Clippard MNV-4k2 needle valve - from Rex Gregg
    Adapter - from Rex Grigg - to connect the clippard
valve directly to 
the regulator
    Plant Guild co2 reactor (the tall one) from Plant
    Silicon tubing which came with the Plant guild
     A 10# co2 cylinder bought locally with a recent
inspection date 
(inspection lasts 5 years)

After my first co2 setup I made it my mission to
provide co2 information 
to help out others.  YOu can see my web site on co2



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