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Re: [APD] Typing style & other such things!!!

Anyone that get's her or his feelings hurt on APD needs to step back, lay off the caffiene, take along walk. 
Respectful thoughts, Saugata.
Yet, without feeling hurt but stepping back to look through the entire thread. this is all getting, as John Cleese would say, terribly silly. There aren't any moderators on the APD list, but I supsose there are some somewhere that make a big deal about format. APD does have one Listmom, who sometimes is compelled to invoke moral suassion, but no moderating at all. Well, actually, the list is self-moderating, but that's a point that can't be strecthed very far. Since so many aquatic plant forums have sprung up and folks have so many other places to go for help, APD has gotten pretty lean as far a aquatic plant topics go and the content is as much about anything else as about plants -- this has been noticed and mentioned by the ocassional reader at least 30 or 40 times in the last couple of years. Not too bad so long as the threads are intersting.
I've never seen any paranoia expressed on APD or any of the other lists or forums I frequent.  Iirc, a couple of folks, including myself, asked what the deal was wtih the hypens -- no condemnation there, just asking. An answer came and then a few folks started answering *for* the hephenator. That turn was certainly interesting if somewhat inexplicable and ultimately not very helpful, but their mere presence was an interesting turn. Well, you know things have gone a bit off the page far when George feels compelled to post -- well that, or a thread about cable heaters. Ha, just kidding, George.  I don't know Geroge personally, although we met briefly at AGA2K3. By all accounts, he's a nice guy, much respected by those that know him.
I don't know if George made the post credited to him. It seemed a bit snippy and although personal, it wasn't an ad hominem attack, it was a comment aobut content. I'm glad I didn't make it but I wouldn't risk falling off the moral high horse shooting arrows at George, I'd be shooting as blindly as I would be trying to acuse George of being.
There are more relevent things to talk about, like top posting versus bottom posting, including/excluding prior text, and whether it's okay to make puns with folks' names -- my favorite is still "Ham Sandage." 
Ironically, for me anyway, I still don't understand why all the hyphens, a single one or two would work fine-- Western Uinon sused to use the fill word "stop" a full 4 cahracters but they didn't charge for it. Maybe the writer just likes it that way; maybe he doesn't know how to adjust the keyboard repeat speed; it's not going to keep me up nights, and hopefully it won't keep the somewhat pseudonymous Phaylanx up nights either.
I usually just scan over Phaylanx's posts, which is maybe why the bountiful strings of hypens caught my attention in the first place. It wouldn't affect my absrobtion of content-- since I generally passed over them (different stroke for diff folks) -- I was just curious since I had only seen that particular form of typing on two other ocassions. Somehow it seems to have degenerated into a discussion of whether is right or wrong and secondarily, whtehter it is right or wrong to talk about whether it is right or wrong. It's a public list and people appear however they want, at least until Listmom is compelled to step in. And it needn't come to that. For those others that were curious, more ower to you, curiousity is partly why we keep reading APD. To those who have moral stands to present, more power to you to -- rarely, but sometimes moral pronouncements can be interesting rather than hackneyed bumperstickers -- and that's good to see.
There is tons more that could be written on this topic and I suspose there will be. And I'm fine with that too.  If folks want to talk about plants, and have something to say about plants, they will.

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On this context I would like to mention that it is better to be concerned
about the quality of mails and the contents rather than put too much
emphasis on the "Grammar" part in terms of capitalization, comma, fullstop,
parenthesis, spellings etc. As long as the mails are relevent to this forum
and donnot use any unconsititutional words, it should be perfectly ok.

These days even in companies people resort to short forms (i.e., SMS styles)
& very informal way of writing mails in order to save time. Only in case of
formal mails, importance is given to grammar, punctuation etc.

But then unfortunately many people including some Moderators are paranoid
about these petty things rather than concentrate on biggers issues like
improving the forum itself in terms of contents of postings, knowldege
sharing etc. If these things are done I am sure the forum will grow in leaps
and bounds and everyone in this hobby will get benefitted.

Anyways, these are my personal feelings and I am extremely sorry of I have
hurt anybody's feelings.


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