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Re: [APD] moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae

I believe ryan_whyte at utoronto.ca wrote this email section below:
> I have a heavily planted EI tank, 65 gal, running hot these in my sweltering 
> apartment at around 82 degrees. DIY CO2, pH 6.8, medium-hard water. Around 40 
> assorted barbs and tetras. All of the fish doing very well, except for the 6 
> Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae constantly gasping/gill clamping. 

Sounds like a nitrate or perhaps a gill fluke issue.

Measure for nitrate, if its over 50mg/l do a water change.

If its not nitrates then treat the whole tank for gill flukes. Gill flukes 
cause sudden death.

Stuart Halliday
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