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Re: [APD] All-male guppy tank & current strength?

I believe Feddern, Tanya wrote this email section below:
> Hello, again.  Because I only have a 30-gallon tank, I'd like to have
> only bottom feeders (Borneo Sucker Loaches) and a bunch of male guppies.
> Will the guppies be ok being all one gender?  If not, what ratio of
> males to females should I have?
> Also, some books say to have no current in the fish tank for guppies,
> and others say to have a current so the guppies will develop the muscles
> supporting their tails so their tails don't hang weakly down, giving a
> bent tail look.  So, should I keep my tank's small powerhead or remove
> it?

You're not listening are you?

Your loaches will need a very fast moving current.

If you want millions of babies every month have a female guppy in amongst males.

Stuart Halliday
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