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Re: [APD] hosed!

S. Hieber wrote:
> Yep, Ol' Walt at the gas station smokes. If you ask him, he'll refrain while filling you car. ;-)

It's always a fun science class exercise to get students to try and 
start a fire with a cigarette in any way they can. It's exceedingly 
difficult even using accelerants and kindling. I can still remember my 
wildland fire management class when the lead fire investigator told the 
class that cigarettes cannot start fires in "fines" (grass, pine 
needles, etc.) until the relative humidity is below 20%. Someone asked 
why you always hear of fires starting because of cigarettes. "How far 
from the estimated point of origin at a fire with an unknown cause do 
you think we have to go to find a cigarette butt?"

Jerry Baker
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