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Re: [APD] My goldfish are dying

Your tap water is fine. There is no need for an RO unit at all unless you
are trying to breed some soft-water species, which goldfish are not. If you
let your water sit for 24 hours you don't even need de-chlorinator.

Also, why are you raising the temp of your tanks to 78 F? That isn't
necessary and goldfish are cool-water fish. If you must do something to help
out in some vague way, add a little salt.

On 6/1/06, Jamie Bright <jamiejoybright at msn_com> wrote:
> Donald and Melis,
> I have ordered tests for GH and KH, as well as the foods you
> recommended.  I have also decided I AM going to rebuild the aquaria in the
> new house, and try again.
> Part of me thinks this may have been too many fish -- though the quick
> demise in identical fashion still makes me wonder if this would be the
> cause.
> Are the values reported by my local water company acceptable, assuming I
> treat the water?  Do I need to consider RO (I am considering getting it for
> the whole house anyway), or some other kind of neutralization?
> I got a great description offline of how to do a "goldfish physical" from
> a woman named Susan, and I'm going to try that on Blondie soon.  He's doing
> really well so far, by the way, very energetic and active, no signs of any
> problems (of course, with all the rest, by the time I noticed the slightest
> deviation from normal, it was too late, so I am keeping my fingers crossed).
> Are there any precautions with commercial fertilizers and goldfish?  I am
> going to add laterite and an undergravel heater cable to the tank when I
> move it, and start really focusing on growing the plants to be more
> lush.  I'll keep it to one or two goldfish and see if I can make a
> beautiful, healthy tank for awhile.
> My husband asked today if we could agree to reduce our tanks from 2 to 1
> in the new house (also eliminating the small betta tank and the 2-gallon
> hospital tank which (lately) has been out a lot.  I said, "No way, are you
> crazy?  Why would I agree to that?  I might even like to have more tanks
> someday."  He laughed and looked genuinely grieved -- seems I may have
> another challenge on my hands!!
> Thanks again.  Jamie
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