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[APD] How not to get rid of Chlorine (was : My goldfish are dying)

I believe Mark R wrote this email section below:

> Your tap water is fine. There is no need for an RO unit at all unless you
> are trying to breed some soft-water species, which goldfish are not. If you
> let your water sit for 24 hours you don't even need de-chlorinator.

Make that 'let your water sit open to the air for 24 hours'.

I knew a guy who'd put 20 litres into a plastic jerry can container and left 
it over 24 hours. Of course it was filled up to the brim and had a cap on 
it... Silly man.

'I put the cap on just in case someone was to knock it over' he said. :-)

BTW Mark are you assuming the person has Chlorine in their tap water and not 

If it's Chloramine, this method won't work.

Stuart Halliday
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