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Re: [APD] low light floating plants

On 5/28/06, Stuart Halliday <stuart at stuarthalliday_com> wrote:
> , i'm looking forward for your answer.
> Hello Rudi,
> I use Riccia fluitans and it seems to grow fine but slowly in a 9W lit
> Aquarium with Mollies I have.

I have found riccia to be a much worse pest than duckweed -- even a tiny
broken strand of riccia re-establishes a colony in no time.  So, if you are
going to use it in a place that is only a plant filter it should be okay, as
would duckweed.  My choice for a floating filter plant in low light would be
frogbit -- it grows like crazy and is easier to get rid of should you decide
you don't want it around.

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