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Re: [APD] atrazine and simazine

90% of folks here on this list look for easy out methods for
killing algae (or more), often with things worse than
Atrazine..........speaking of which, folks got pretty happy
using Simazine(1/2 life is 75 days) and I see some post every so
often about that one, Neil Frank played with it years ago
here(see old post, the Krib etc), which is in the *same family*
as atrazine(1/2 life is 60 days)........both are found in well

Some "miracle algae killers" have this in it.
Other algicides folks enjoy using tend to break down fast(strong
oxidizers mostly, but this is for cleaning more than selectivity
which is moderate at best and based on size differences between
algae and plants).

Rather than doing this, I've long suggested as well as many
others, focus on the plants, helping them, some simple
management practices solve the need for such methods, and the
small size on tanks allows for manual removal/water changes.

New tank issues are easily resolved if you plant very heavily
from __the start__, the same is true in agriculture as well, you
do not need as much weed control if the field is planted with
well established crops right away.

Many just hope their plants will "grow in" before they have
algae issues. When it does not, they claim excess nutrients,
allelopathy, unknown speculation...

Tom Barr


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