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Help!!  Can you help me determine why my goldfish are dying?

I started up my first planted aquarium about 3 months ago and since then 4 of my 6 fancy goldfish have died and the 5th is showing the same signs of sickness today.  I had them for 6+ months in a non-planted tank and all were fine.

I got the plants from Arizona Aquatics (I think that's the name), which comes highly recommended.  To the new tank I added new gravel (seeded from their existing tank) and added some river rocks also from near home (high in the Rockies, granite rocks, cleared with a local aquarium expert -- but I'm wondering now).  

The first fish didn't get sick for over 6 weeks after going in the tank.  Two followed a week later and the 4th succumbed about 3 weeks ago.  At that point, I moved the two remaining goldies to their former small tank, but now after 3 weeks there, my little pearlscale is sick too.  THE ONLY SYMPTOMS are:  lethargy, low energy, and buoyancy problems.  Appetite stays fairly strong until a day or so before death.  I've tried hospital tanks and the remedies I have (a Jungle product that is anti-fungal/anti-bacterial and/or Maracyn-Two).  I have tried salt baths, too.  All 4 have died within 4-6 days of first showing lethargy/floating problems.

Obviously, nothing has worked in the 4 so far.  With my 5th fish sick, I'm now getting desperate.  Any ideas?  Suggestions?  I'd be very grateful for your thoughts, and what to do to try and protect my 6th and last remaining (a beautiful yellow fantail).

Oooooh, while I was writing this e-mail, Ginger died.  Well, I'd still like to get to the bottom of this and protect Marge if possible.

Many thanks, Jamie
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