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Re: [APD] Kent Botanica product line

I've got one about4 miles from me in El Cajon...the problem is they 
don't know what ELSE is in their products.  They also asked me where I 
was going to get dry KNO3.  I may tell them...or I may sell it to them ;)

On 5/23/2006 12:14 PM Jerry Baker said the following:
> Kettle, Sean wrote:
>> Or from any local hydroponics store for that matter.
> I'm assuming this is something you might see in the more "expected" 
> areas (i.e., Northern California, Oregon, Washington). Although it is 
> totally possible that they have just escaped my attention, I have been a 
> lot of places in this country (27 states or so) and I have never seen a 
> hydroponics store in my life (brick and mortar that is).

Mike Szilard

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