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Re: [APD] USDA Aquatic Snail Ban

> Wright Huntley wrote:
> > Morons at the Ag. Dept. hastening to lock the barn door. Is this 
> > bureacratic stupidity at its most glaring?
> I don't think so. Is it your argument that if some cows leave the 
> it is pointless to ever close the doors for the rest of eternity?
> -- 
> Jerry Baker

As i was saying.. i doubt it will be a permant ban - its just a permit 
only basis and no permits are being issued *YET*.  I would have to 
imagine that down the road - give or take 6-12 months - reputable 
breeders (read hatchery/nursery's) will be receiving their shipping 
permits for these lil critters but we just dont know how long that will 

As noted though - its another case where sadly the govt has to step in 
to correct the mistakes of the few at the cost of the masses.  The 
other thing that i dont hink i mentioned - and this is how a *lot* of 
these things get started... is unintentional hatchery release.

For example oscars that are now endimic to the florida waterways... 
most of those guys are the result of the breeding farm ponds being 
floded during huricane season and young stock being released that way.  
I would have to imagine that at least *SOME* of the snail stock got out 
there in the very same way.

As to the burecratic stupidity... you have to think lobbiests.  the Ag 
Industry has a HUGE ammount of lobby groups out there working toward 
forwarding their goals... its just too bad that the aquatic industries 
dont have that same lobby group to counter things like this.  

Or at least counter broad base legislature and give us options for 
species based exemptions for safe species like MTS or Pomacia Bridgesii.

Start breeding those snails folks - your LFS will be searching for them 

-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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