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Re: [APD] Algae - Causes and Solutions

Tom Barr wrote on Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 20:46:40 -0700 (PDT):

"Hair algae: This is more like higher plants. I?ve had an easy time inducing it by reducing/eliminating dosing in high light, well adapted rich nutrient tanks. The adaptation of the plants is a large role here, it's much more along the lines of plant =plant interactions, but poor CO2 does really help establishment and persistence. There are no less than C, V, O, S, D, R these are the first letters of the genera, so no less than six and the worse are the S and C."

I will try and fill in the missing letters. I checked my copy of Standard Methods and the Algae Key in the back. Back in AP Biology in 1971 I had to draw many of these algae and identify them under the microscope. Guess how many I know now. Very, very few.

C: Could be: Cladophora, Calothrix, Cylindrospermum, Compsopogon, Cymbella, Chaetophora, Chamaesiphon

V: Could be: Vaucheria

O: Could be: Oscillatoria, Oedogonium

S: Could be: Stigeoclonium, Spirogyra, Schizomeris, Stichococcus, Scytonema, Spirulina, Schizothrix

D: Could be: Dinobryon, Desmidium, Draparnaldia, Dichotomosiphon

R: Could be: Rhizoclonium, Rivularia, Raphidiopsis

BBA is Audouinella.

I thought Staghorn algae is Cladophora. If it isn't I don't know the genus.

Jerry Smith

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