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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 32, Issue 10

> This approach is easier for me than the 3 or 5 day blackout.
> Under either approach, having proper nutrients available in
> the water column
> is essential, or the BGA will come back.
> Good luck.
> Bill

And what might that nutrient be?
Add KNO3. This is ***the key piece of advice*** folks need to
say if they want to help folks solve their algae related issues.

This applies to Marine, Non CO2, CO2, excel enriched planted
tanks. Both blackouts or antibiotics, specifically Eyrthomycin,
work well and in about the same time frame.

The after effect of the antibiotics last longer(about 1-2
months) so if you do not correct the orginal cause, low NO3, the
blackout will appear less successful, but if you address the
cause, it's always been successful when followed correctly.

Either way, adding KNO3 thereafter/during treatmnent will
improve plant health/growth and reduce the likelyhood of

That is the key part no one figured out and there are at least
one site claiming ratios etc will solve BGA out there too,
again, correlative issues do not imply causation anmd often do
not even show strong support. I know that cannot possibly be
correct because I've tried ratios of all sorts and it has little
impact on plant/algae growth until, they become limiting and
every single nutrients will become limiting for the plants over
the long term first. The support paper noted also is not a good
applicable reference. There also seems to be a good deal of
confusion as to what the Redfield ratio is as well, It is an
ATOMIC RATIO, not Mass Ratio. Mass wise, the RR comes to about
7:1 N:P, which is about what I suggest and macrophyte ratios are
about 5-7:1, which is about the range I suggest(note, that's not
NO3, PO4, that's N and P and we seldom address the N and P from
fish waste, plant leeching etc).

Tom Barr

www.BarrReport.com Next month's article: Iron and Manganese role
in aquatic macrophytes

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