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Re: [APD] Green Water and Excel

Vaughn, I just realized that I had not thanked you for you your help on 
subject relationship, so I do that before proceeding further.

Your comments together with whatever else I have been able to learn lead me 
to suspect that you probably identified my pea soup problem: erratic CO2. 
In fact, the pea soup occurred in a tank in which the CO2 was tested for 
only a few days and then removed completely. (If I find a small tank at 
Trade Day I may try that again to see if it can be duplicated.)

I have been concerned with my DIY CO2 generator in general, but from a 
steady output standpoint alone. A day's worth of generation was about all I 
could expect from a 1/8 tsp yeast charge no matter how much care was used, 
and larger charges are being tested. (Several yeast brands show no 
differences thus far.)

If erythromycin (Maracyn) kills BGA, wonder if it will take care of other 
forms of algae as well. I would have tried that had I had Bill D's message 
at the time. Comments Bill D, anyone?


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