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[APD] BGA in non CO2 Tank

Ok, so I'm trying to conquer this green snot that keeps coming back.  The tank
is an African cichlid tank, holding about 60 gallons.  It is planted with some
spiral Val, and lots of Java fern, Anubias and Bolbitus.  It does not get CO2. 
The tank has 4x 4' T12 lights on for about 12hrs/day that are mounted about 8"
above the water.  I do not dose ferts for this tank, either - the fish are fed
about 3x/day.

I am on day 2 of a blackout - started on Wed @ 5pm, planning on lighting up
again Sun around 1.

Two weeks ago, I took out all of the plants, shells and rocks that had BGA on
them and rinsed them off clean; but, it's come back!  Grrr!

I have some terrestrial plants in the sump that are growing quite well; but, I
know they just suck up any ferts that I put in the tank.  Should I just remove
them, and go with aquatics only?  The tank has a high fishload, so I don't want
 things to get out of hand... I do a 50%+ WC each week - still have BGA!!

I'm hoping this green snot doesn't come back after the blackout; but, what if it
More KNO3?  Should I be dosing PO4 at all?  I'd like the aquatic plants to grow
and be healthy - not just the terrestrial!

Thanks for the help!


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