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Re: [APD] repairing a tank

Wish I could offer more help here. If the top piece is well adhered, it is very difficult to remove without breaking it. You might want to find out before you start if you can get a replacement.
You need to break the adherence on both teh face and outside of the the glass and then on the top edge of hte glass, which is where things get dicey. For the face and inside, you can carefully pry with a sharp flat tool like a sharpened flexible (i.e., thin) putty knife. For the top edge adherence, you have to carefully work your way around, trying to pull it free. Too much force at one location and the rim will break.
Sinc eyou are only repalcing opne pane of glass you don't have to get the  rim off entirely, but it will be much easier to reattach it if is it completely removed.
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I've got a 50cm wide x 60cm high x 180cm long tank with a side panel that 
cracked. I've managed to remove the cracked glass and ordered a new pane 
from a local glass company. It cost me the equivalent of US$200. I'm 
starting to strip the entire tank of it's old silicone but am having a 
problem with removing the top cap piece which is made of plastic.

Any help from people who have done this before would be much appreciated.

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