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Re: [APD] temperate plants

> > I don't want to "fix" the tank.  It's not that broken.  The fish 
are breeding
> > and I have some beautiful swords that are getting ready to flower.  
I was just
> > after suggestions of a few more hardy, temperate species to try.  > 
> --Elaine


I know you really are not looking for a 'fix' for your tank..however i 
know this might be helpful to others who are in your situation as well.

You can nautrally cause a tank to self cool by evaporating in warmer 
temperature climes.  Reef keepers do this quite often simply by putting 
a small clip on fan on their sump areas when MH lighting is causing 
excessive heat in their tanks.  I know it will cause more top-off's, 
but as a nice trade off you'll have a lot more plants you can work with.

You should be able to realistically see a 4-5 degree temp difference 
with a situation like this.



-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

*flings a couple pennies into the jar*

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