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Re: [APD] temperate plants

There is a plant that is well known as a small foreground plant that lives
in the Snowy Mountains of NSW, Australia and cool New Zealand as well as
being able to survive here in Darwin all year in water up to 35 deg C.
Darwin is 12 deg south and has a very hot tropical wet/dry climate.

The Glossostigma elatinoides I have here in Darwin was collected near Tumut
NSW.  Tumut is in the Snowy Mountains and gets very cold.   It is a very
versatile plant temperature wise.


On 31/3/06 3:41 AM, "Elaine T" <ethompson77 at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Yes, the water gets quite warm.  As I said in the original post, it gets up to
> 90F sometimes in the summer.  That's why I need temperate plants.  Species
> that can stand up to both cool winter and warm summer temperatures.  I don't
> expect them to grow much at the extremes, but I would prefer that they don't
> completely disintegrate.
> I don't want to "fix" the tank.  It's not that broken.  The fish are breeding
> and I have some beautiful swords that are getting ready to flower.  I was just
> after suggestions of a few more hardy, temperate species to try.  What lives
> in the same biotope as E. uruguayensis, for example?
> --Elaine

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