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Re: [APD] Algae Growth in Natural Waters

Tom said, in part, "Adding PO4 to a lake with plants(30% or more SAV) will
NOT produce algae, it will produce more plants. Same for rivers with plants.
. . ."

I think that the key question to be answered here is "What is meant by SAV?"
Yes, it means "submersed aquatic vegetation", but 30% of what?  Of the total
bottom of the body of water?  Of the total volume of the body of water?
Of the space between the surface and say, 3 feet below the surface?  Or

Much expense and effort has been spent trying to reduce the levels of
phosphates and other nutrients in sensitive bodies of water like the
Chesapeake Bay, to reduce the algae blooms.  Are the scientists wrong here?
Have we all been fooled by them?

Perhaps the "SAV" of the bay is less than 30%?  OK, but wouldn't that be
true of  all bodies of salt water and most of fresh, particularly in the

I'm sorry for the delayed reply.  I was in Florida for a week.  While there
I caught some small fish in a friend's quarter acre pond, using a colander
balanced on a rake.  After a lot of sweaty effort I ended up with four small
fish that I brought back to Pennsylvania.  They turned out to be a species
of Gambusia,  a horrible aquarium fish.  In a community tank they spend most
of their time either trying to mate with guppies or chasing them, both
causing turmoil.


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