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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 31, Issue 38

This is just too cool!

Someone posted this link: >
which shows (on the bottom graph) the relative effectiveness in
photosynthesis of different wavelengths of light.

What is so cool is that my 11 year old son was doing an experiment in which
he grew radish plants under different colors of filters (cellophane or
colored plastic wrap) under a constant light source (in this case, 12 hours
per day of 4x55 AHS compact flourescents - 2 5400K and 2 6700K) and this
graph *exactly* describes the growth patterns he saw. Radish plants grown
under yellow cellophane are noticeably smaller and less healthy looking than
others, and those grown under blue, red, or green plastic wrap do well.

The ones grown in clear plastic wrap do best.

Thanks to whoever posted the link, it is just what he needed to finish his

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