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Re: [APD] River Sand Photo (Finally) - Dry

william ruyle wrote:
> Great looking sand, Jerry! Love to see how it looks in a planted tank 
> under tank lighting...

I'm just waiting for my Aromat ballasts and then all I have to do is get 
the sump under the tank and plug it all in. I've been working on getting 
this going for over four months now. Ugh.

I will probably run without fish for a month or two so I can really jack 
things up without killing any critters. I am mainly concerned with how 
the fine sand will work out. It should look nice, but not sure how it 
will perform. I think I'll keep it at about 2 inches and see what 
happens. The Cory cats will love it if it works out well.

I may have to request some people mail me some MTS's when the tank gets 
going. I have not seen one at any of the LFS's. Last time I set up my 
tank I saw a tank with them and asked the guy to net out a "whole bunch 
of those cone snails." He looked at me like I was insane and gave me a 
bag of a few dozen for free.

Jerry Baker
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