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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 53

>    1. As my plants are still not growing rapidly, won' t
> trimming all the
>    leaves give a chance to the algae to spread prolifically?

Well, you need to address why the plants are not growing to
begin with, which is what I've suggested.
Poor plant growth=> algae.

You fix the plant issue, you fix the algae issue.
You/many folks might think your plants are growing fine etc, but
they really need to take off before you really see the
difference in how slow they are growing.

I often to refer to most plants as "weeds", that is because
given a happy home, they really do grow very fast, even the hard
to grow ones.
>    2. As all the leaves are more or less affected with Hair
> Algae, if at
>    all I go for trimming, I will have to remove almost 90% of
> all the leaves.

If it's hair algae, you should be able to pick it off manually.
Correcting the CO2 should slow it down enough to get ahead and
control it for good.

Amano shrimp are very good for this, SAE's sometimes.
See Peter's post, that was a good run down for preening and
picking every so often.
> Under these circumstances please advice as to what is to be
> done.
> Regards,
> Saugata

Focus on the plant's health,
Our hobby is not based of killing algae, it's based on having
nice planted tanks, so the plants should be the focus.
All planted tanks have some commonalities, the focus on the
plant's health is certainly one of them. All planted tanks also
have to supply enough nutients for a given light intensity for
the plant's growth rate, if there are not enough nutrients to
sustain the plants, algae sure can grow there.

It does take some work to get rid of the algae, but....with good
plant growth conditions, this only last 1-3 weeks if you are
doing it right. So you work hard to get the algae removed and
get over the hump, correct plant growth issues, then the tank
stabilizes and requires much less work, but you still need to be
consistent with pruning, dosing, water changes etc.

Less light makes it easier for folks using CO2.
But........most folks get too much light and think more light is
better, that is not true, although I've been saying this for
many years, no one seems to listen:(

Tom Barr 


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