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Hi! Tom,

Okay, lots of plants. Little source of error there.
How old was the tank?

"The Tank is almost 6 months old. Infact its about 1 year old but then in
between I had to strip it down as I had to change the substrate."

 Well, then it is not being used properly in some way, CO2 is a huge problem
for folks, you'll see many that do not trust their test kit readings and
simple use the pH/Kh to dial in a close range and then they slowly add more.

"Yeah I am using the KH/pH to zero down on the level of CO2 in the tank &
its about 50PPM. Anyways, as you are strongly recommending increasing of
CO2, I will see how much I can increase and them let's see of there is any

If you don't, you'll have to learn the hard way.
 I have no reason to lie to you about these things.
 And I've isolated why BBA appears.
 It (BBA) is a better indicator than any test kit or reading you might

"Hey Tom, nobody is accusing you of lying. What I am trying to say is that
it's quite difficult to formulate a thumb rule for all planted tanks as each
tank is unique and is different from the other. Maybe this regimen of dosing
is helpful for people who are already into this hobby for sometime and knows
the intricacies of dosing etc."

"My present problem with BBA has decreased a lot but however, there is an
outbreak of "Hair Algae". As of now I am maintaining CO2 at about 50PPM so I
don't think lack of CO2 is a problem. Moreover, isn't the availability of
CO2 linked directly to the rate at which plants will photosynthesise? I can
see the plants pearling like crazy by the time its late evening (lights on
at 10 am & lights off at 10 pm). How do you explain this?".


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