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The explanation of keeping high and stable CO2 levels is very sound and 
consistent, I confirmed it in my own tank. Although I have a couple of 

- What will happened in a established colony of BBA, if leafs could not be 
pruned?. Would H2O2 help?. What is the recommended treatment and dose?.

- I recall years ago I kept my tank with KH 4º and PH 6.6, no idea of PMDD 
nor EI. I use Tetra Flora Pride, which is mainly K, Fe and Mo. Monthly water 
change, CO2 dosing. When I tried to reach 0.1 ppm of Fe (Tetra indicator) 
usually I had a BBA out break, even keeping all the mentioned parameters 
steady. To avoid BBA I had to reduce dosing. What could happened here?.



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