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Oops. I dropped the decimal one place too far over. 200 liters, of course, is about 50 gallons (us).
2 x 40 =80 watts
80 watts / 50.28 gallons = 1.5 wpg
Fine for very slow growth and doesn't require added CO2 based on the rules of thumb I, and many others, recommend. 
Target lighting levels -- Rules of Thumb"
                        wpg      =      watts/liter
slow growth        1.5                 0.3963     
moderate            2                   0.5284     
fast growth         3                    0.7926   
faster growth      4                    1.0568     

PS: "reated watts" is the same thing as "rated watts" but with an extra "e". ;-)
Rated watts is the value of the manufacturer proclaims for the bulb, as opposed to what a particular unit actually consumes on a particular power circuit with a particluar ballast.

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Oh, what Imeant was watts per gallon, which means watts/gallon. Aquarium volume is the denominator and rated bulb watts is the numerator.

If the example is 80 watts over a 200 liter aquarium, that equates to about 80 watts per 5.284 gallons, which equates to about 15 watts per gallon.

80 watts over a 5 gallon tank is a lot of light.

If it was a 200 gallon aquarium, that would be less than half a wpg; 80n watts is not a lot over 200 gallon aquarium, in fact, it's downright dim.

Scott H.

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I believe S. Hieber wrote this email section below:
> Wise comments, but I will eleaborate a bit more.:
> "Watts per gallon" is a technique for estimating lighting levels. You
> take the reated watts of the bulbs over an aquarium and divide by the
> nominal volume of hte tank. The estimated watts-per-gallon that you
> compute this way allows you to work towards a target level of lighting.
> What's the target? There are diff ones depending on goals, plants,
> conditons, variations in equipment and gardening techniques. But these
> rules of thumb will serve just abut everyone well.


I've got a 200L tank with 2x 40W bulbs so that works out at

80/200 = 0.4!

sure you don't mean 200/80? Cause that makes 2.5
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