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Re: [APD] Fw: Welcome to the "Aquatic-Plants" mailing list (Digest mode)-- or- I write em, U read em, erratum

I believe S. Hieber wrote this email section below:
> Oops. I dropped the decimal one place too far over. 200 liters, of
> course, is about 50 gallons (us).
> 2 x 40 =80 watts
> 80 watts / 50.28 gallons = 1.5 wpg
> Fine for very slow growth and doesn't require added CO2 based on the
> rules of thumb I, and many others, recommend.

I see.

I do actually have 2 x Hagor bottles of yeast feeding CO2 into the tank and 
I do have what appears to be green beard algae and a bit of hair algae 
growing in it.

Is this the cause? Too little light?

I don't mind the green beard coating my 3 bits of bog wood as it looks 
rather nice and my team of Algae eaters are enjoying it.

But the hair algae is a little annoying.

I have a bunch of twisted vallis growing along the back of the 4" tank which 
has the hair algae on it.

The tank is only 6 months old and is full of fish!
I water change about 30% every 2 weeks.
The water is rather soft here in Scotland and has little or no phosphate in it.

Nitrates are around the 25-50 mark
ph is 6.8
KH appears to be 3d (seems awfully low?)
GH is 6-8d
NO2 is 0

I've set up a sulphur/Calcium drip de-nitrate cylinder last week. This will 
take about a month to get up to speed.

I put in about 30ml of Nutrafin Plant GRO treatment once a week.

The tank does have a substrate of small pebbles and a thin layer of red clay 

Stuart Halliday
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