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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 28

Scott, it's the type of detritus, in this case dying leaves.
  Mulm ,the semi decomposed material, is not the same thing, and thus does not cause algae enarly to the same degree, the NH4 has already been converted or immobilized as bacteria, NO3, new plant biomass etc.
  We already know that high levels of NO3, PO4 etc do not cause algae, so anything that does appear to induce a bloom, is something to consider.
  We do know adding NH4, enough to measure in most cases, will cause algae also.
  We also know adding progressively more and more fish/shrimp etc will cause the same type of algae bloom as the dead/soon to be dead plant leaves.
  Tom Barr

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