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Re: [APD] floating dead plant leaves and algae

>> But the other issue that has me wondering, is very low O2 levels as a potential inducer of algae spores. High CO2/low O2 conditions. I've done ambient O2, but not low O2. Adding lots of dead plant matter can cause the O2 to go lower rapidly. I did not test this parameter, but will in the future test. >>

>That will be interesting. If low O2 is correlated to increased algae 
growth, the corollary will also be true. That would offer a good 
explanation of why strongly growing plants discourage algae ... 
super-saturation of O2. Same effect achieved with peroxide.
Jerry Baker>
  Increased algae growth etc and "inducing algae growth are two different things.
  It's much more like seeds that germinate under favorable conditions, algal spores are no different in most respects. The adult algae do not live that long in most cases, the spores are like a seed bank, waiting for ripe conditions. Algae spores likely can last for many months, years etc. 
  And high super saturated O2 levels play no bearing on algae in terms of Chl a levels. Been there, tested that with high(15ppm) and amibent levels(7-8ppm). What I did not test was low O2 levels(lower than ambient). The O2 is not something that inhibits growth, but low O2, like less than 4-5ppm perhaps, can induce some spores to bloom if the notion I'm suggesting. 
  Algae and plants respond similarly to high O2 levels. 
  Both have mechanisms to deal with the higher O2.
  If higher O2 simply got rid of algae, everyone here would have a O2 gas tanks as well as CO2:-)
  I've run both as the same time, but it does not help discourage algae directly.
  While low O2 may have an inducement effect on algae spores, I think it's much more likely due to organic decomposition of N containing compounds. That, NH4 and CO2 variation.
  If you know what induces the algae to grow, you can focus far more on the plant's needs without worrying the algae will bother you if you dose too much NO3, PO4, trace etc.
  Adult algae can be removed and killed etc relatively easily, manual, bleach , H2O2, Excel, pruning etc.....
  Stopping the new growth and spores is the key. 
  Beyond that, simply providing healthy nutrients for the plants will take care of the rest. 
  Some common observations:
    Algae blooms after a large plant is removed, large uphevals in the gravel/substrate that pull up detritus, larger amounts of rotting plant leaves, excess fish waste, dead fish(like dead leaves), these are mainly staghorn and green water algae.
  BBA is CO2 related. BGA is NO3 and organic fractions also, GSA: PO4/CO2.
  These are large diffwerences in the parameters that induce, but then again, these are very different algal groups.
  Tom Barr 

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