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Re: [APD] Fishy Style Swimming

> I have watched it about 6 more times today myself....lol.    I just have 
> to
> wonder how he trained those fish!

Hi, Terry!

I don't think the fish are trained at all. It looks to me like it was done 
with magnets. It would be easy to stick a magnet down the fishes' throats, 
and then have someone hidden under the table use another magnet to move the 
fish around. The poles of the magnets would keep the fish pointing in the 
direction desired. If you look closely, you can see the fish skimming-- even 
dragging-- the bottom and the swimming motion looks unnatural. Fantail 
goldfish wag their bodies when they swim. These fish don't wag. They are 
being pulled along by an unseen force.

Mike Wickham

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