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Re: [APD] filters

I believe Wise, Nicholas wrote this email section below:
>> We at Sea Save have found a cure for "ick" by using this 5 
>> micron filter.  As use may know the smallist baby "Ick" is 
>> born at 30 micron so as it falls off it is filtered away.  
>> You may see a pic. at our web-site 
>> www.seasave.com<http://www.seasave.com/>.  Thanks 
> What is this "ick" you speak of?

Ick = Ich = White Spot

'Ichthyophthirius multifiliis' in Freshwater or 'Cryptocaryon irritans' for 
salt water tanks.

A nasty creature, a protozoa parasite that kills fish.


Looks like small white specks on the skin, fins, and gills. Fish may scratch 
against gravel and rocks.

Mature parasites that have been feeding on a fish's tissues fall away from 
the fish. They drop to the substrate and divide many times, eventually 
producing hundreds of infective stages. These "swarmers" swim off to find a 
new host.

Left untreated the fish in your tank can die.

Stuart Halliday
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