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Re: [APD] Soil master black/charcoal in Sacramento

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> It is all a matter of taste, or esthetics.  Obviously, there are very, 
> very few natural water sites in the world with fluorescent blue 
> substrates.  But, black is not terribly common either.  The Soilmaster 
> stuff, the charcoal version is a dark grey color, which I suppose is 
> natural - like black mud.  I happen to really like the appearance of 
> near black substrates because of the pleasant, to me, contrast with the 
> green and reddish plants, and the fish.  But, that is the only reason I 
> strongly prefer a near black color.  Those who prefer a bright orange 
> color aren't wrong, or unnatural, just color blind!
> Vaughn H.

I had just been under the impression that the objections to colored 
gravel were based on its unnatural coloration. I hadn't considered that 
it might be purely due to aesthetics. I suppose I was projecting the 
reasons for my objection to colored gravel onto others. I was wondering 
why black was so revered. I am odd in that I do like the look of black, 
but I could never have it because I would feel just as wrong as if I had 
used electric blue gravel (even if it did look good). I guess I'm one of 
those purists you hear about occasionally ;)

I even had to modify my substrate choices based on my research of what 
the typical coloration of Amazonian river substrates were. I don't like 
very light colored substrates, but that's what most of the small 
soft-water streams there seem to have. If I want an Amazonian biotope 
that seems to be what I have to have.

Jerry Baker
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