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Re: [APD] Soil master black/charcoal in Sacramento

It is all a matter of taste, or esthetics.  Obviously, there are very, 
very few natural water sites in the world with fluorescent blue 
substrates.  But, black is not terribly common either.  The Soilmaster 
stuff, the charcoal version is a dark grey color, which I suppose is 
natural - like black mud.  I happen to really like the appearance of 
near black substrates because of the pleasant, to me, contrast with the 
green and reddish plants, and the fish.  But, that is the only reason I 
strongly prefer a near black color.  Those who prefer a bright orange 
color aren't wrong, or unnatural, just color blind!
Vaughn H.

On Monday, January 9, 2006, at 01:57 PM, Jerry Baker wrote:

> In terms of being natural, is there a difference between the
> blue/orange/green substrates and black? Why is one almost universally
> accepted while the others are almost universally derided? I had always
> been under the assumption that people didn't like the colorful stuff
> because it didn't look natural but perhaps my assumption is incorrect?

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