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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 3

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I  would say it could be BBA except that it's bright green.  I have BBA in  
my tank
and I don't remove it as it covers and disguises my filter  equipment nicely. 
My tank setup
has healthy plants so it grows slowly and  rarely spreads (never onto plants) 
and if it ever 
does (very rarely) pop  up somewhere I don't want it I give it a little shot 
of Hydrogen  Peroxide.
Quite unlike when your tank is unhealthy and it springs up  everywhere.  So 
BBA can grow like
you describe but I'm not sure about  the colour.  Maybe the same stuff that 
makes Moss  Balls?


Actually, the beautiful green algae I have is a more emerald green color  
than any of the others I have seen, more like the green hair algae that grows in  
marine tanks.  I have thriving moss balls and they are a very different  
texture and color also.  It almost looks silky because the filaments are  very 
fine.  The growth habit differs from black brush which grows in  tufts.  This 
stuff grows in a very slowly  widening  patch. 
Carol   < ' )))><
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