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Re: [APD] BGA in a semi planted tank

For BGA in  anon planted, or semi planted tank, the filter needs cleaned.
  Then you can vac any and every bit you can find.
  Clean the back walls, under rocks etc.
  Then do a larger than normal water change, blackout, then add the KNO3.
  Peace lilies, and ferns will use some NO3 etc.
  You need less, maybe 1/4 of the dosing I suggest typically, but you need to add a little KNO3 once a week.
  Small tanks and ferns will benefit from Excel every so often(add a fair amount(2-3x the recs for everyother day) for 1-2 weeks.
  That and cleaning things routinely should keep it away.
  You can run leaner with fewer plants, but if you see any BGA, do a water change anbd clean good first.........
  Blackouts are for persistent, larger scale issues.
  Smaller issues you should be able to do water changes and cleaning to remove it and any leftover tend to die back. I've done this minor issue treatment for many years.
  You can typical fluff out the BGA that gets into the growing vegetative cones of stem plants and also trim them back some so they are not in a stagnat area near the surface etc.
  Tom Barr
  www.BarrReport.com  Powerpoint presentations for methods on how to grow plants!
  "I realize the topic was covered right before I asked my question on BGA, but 
my tank isn't really a planted tank.

It has a biga$$ Java Fern, and a few Hygro. polysperma (which are on their 
way out). Otherwise the tank is filtered with an internal canister with 
only bio media, and an HOB with a Peace Lily.
I think if I add KNO3, as was suggested, it'll be sucked up immediately by 
the Peace Lily.

The tank is an African Cichlid breeding tank, so I want to keep 'waste' as 
low as possible - hence, the Peace Lily.

Is there something else I can do besides the KNO3/blackout (I'll do the 
blackout regardless).

Jason M. "

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