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Re: [APD] just out of curiosity

I use one of the waterbed jet pumps, but I only need to run the tap 
water for a minute or so to start the flow, then shut the tap off and 
the rest of the draining is done by syphon action.  I rigged up a Y 
fitting, some plastic fittings, the jetpump, etc. so I can do this 
pretty easily by just opening and closing valves.  Minimal water waste.

Vaughn H.

On Saturday, December 31, 2005, at 04:31 PM, S. Hieber wrote:

> The Python is based on a venturi type pump originally made as a 
> waterbed drain device. It uses the force of the hose-water tap at full 
> flow to suck aquarium (or waterbed) water into the body of the bump 
> and then force it out with the tap water. Inside the pump is a venturi 
> that creates the pressure differential to suck in the water. So the 
> whole time you are draining water from the aquarium, you have the tap 
> running full blast -- as much as 6-12 gallons per minute of fresh 
> tapwater going down the drain.
> sh

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