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Re: [APD] just out of curiosity

Eli Moss wrote:
> It does sound convenient, but I don't think I'd ever be able to quell the
> feelings of guilt I'd get from all the water running down the drain.  I
> will, however, try to rig up a hose, or something.  Lugging the pails from
> bathroom to bedroom/aquarium room can be quite time-consuming, and even if I
> still have to do that for the waste water, it's an improvement.

You don't have to connect the hose to the sink for draining. Just run it 
outside. When you are done you connect it to the sink for fill up.

> So adding the full dose of chlorine remover to the aquarium first, then
> piping in water from the tap isn't detrimental to either fish or plants?  I
> don't know why it has never occurred to me before to do this.  Relatively
> concentrated chlorine remover without chlorine to react with isn't going to
> have any effect on the inhabitants, is it?

Not at all.

Jerry Baker
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