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[APD] Dosing and public water

I actually have 2 questions that both revolve around keeping plenty (extra)
ferts in the water column.  


1)     If the solution to the problem of algae is to adjust the water so
that there is an overabundance of fertilizer, then why are we encouraged not
to allow fertilizer to get into lakes and streams?

2)     I know that this is probably minor, but if we change the water say
once a week, are we dumping ferts into the sewage system that may not be
good for it?


I just received my chems from Greg, and I'm going to start Thomas' EI
tomorrow.  I started upping the dosage of flourish in the water and the BGA
I had has seemed to back off (just a little).  I may just skip the blackout
and use it as a reserve since the current BGA growth is kind of attractive


If it goes crazy again, though, lights out for sure!


Sean Flanagan


ScanIAm at nettally_com


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