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Re: [APD] CO2 and trickle filters

Ther eis also the matter of whether the chamber is under
any positive pressure. . .


--- David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:

> Tom wrote:
> >
>  Here is a very simple idea.
>   Seal the wet/dry tower, if no CO2/O2 can exchange from
> the outside, then
> it will not degas.
>   O2 comes into the the section and is consumed by
> bacteria NH4=> NO2=> NO3.
>   These bacteria need a fair amount of O2, There's plenty
> in the water.
>   If you want to get rid of excess CO2, then an air vent
> helps, if not, then
> seal the vents.
>   Otherwise the CO2/O2 get dissolved into the water.
>   Several folks added CO2 to thr wet/dry chamber, It acts
> like a giant CO2
> reactor when SEALED. If not, it'll degas.The bacteria
> make up for the
> losses, it does not matter if you remove the bioballs,
> you'll have more
> bacteria if you leave them in.
> >
> I understand what you are saying, Tom. But how can you
> entirely "seal" a
> wet/dry? Water has to enter a from the pre filter, and
> the pre filter hoses
> on a trickle filter are gravity fed and always have air
> in them, lots of it.
> There is no way to keep air from entering and exiting
> from it that I can
> see. The lids over wet/dry drip plates are not sealed.
> They are only there
> to prevent splashing. You'd need a bunch of silicone
> around it to seal that
> area. Many wet/drys are not covered in the reservoir
> area, and the only way
> to completely seal them would be to silicone the lid shut
> that and seal up
> any possible air entry. If you do this then you make it
> impractical to
> service anything inside the wet/dry.
> I cover my wet/drys to minimize evaporative water loss,
> but there are still
> many opportunities for air and/or CO2 to get in and out.
> I don't see a
> wet/dry filter becoming an efficient CO2 reactor.
> Am I missing something here?
> Regards,
> Dave
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