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Okay, I've got four overdriven 40W lamps on a 55-gallon, and finally got 
around to setting it all up.  I hate to say this, but it looks like a lot of 
trouble for not much. :)  The lamps get warmer, definitely: but I don't see 
a lot of difference between 4x40 OD and 4x40 standard.  I shut it down to 
one bulb, and compared to a standard one I have -- cast it at the ceiling 
from the floor, and both looked about the same.  I even tried the 
ink-through paper test (take several sheets of thick, white paper, and write 
something on the bottom one.  Hold it over a lamp, and lift it until you can 
no longer see what is written on the bottom sheet.  Measure the distance.) 
The difference between teh ODNO and the standard was marginal, and may very 
well have been more due to the fact that the standard bulb was older and had 
some water marking on it.

Have I stumbled onto some sort of smart ballasts that know how many bulbs 
are on them, and aren't cooperating? :)  These bulbs should be twice as 
bright as a standard flourescent, right?   So far, all I've managed to do is 
find a way to use a flourescent as a heater -- they get much warmer.  Did I 
wire something wrong, or am I just not able to perceive the difference in 
light output?

Who probalby should have just bought the cheap PC dealy. :)
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